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#LOOK AT HOW MUCH JOONMYUN CAN FIT INTO HIS MOUTH #it reminds me of when joonmyun stuffed a HUGE ASS scoop of patbingsoo into his mouth #and was struggling lol \\ OHMYGOD what are you talking about? LINK!!!!

it was during growl era sstp radio appearance. baek and yixing had to do a punishment which was to run around the studio finding patbingsoo ingredients and make patbingsoo in a specific time frame. and in the end, they shared the patbingsoo with everyone. and joonmyun was the first to receive it and so he took this HUGE SCOOP and stuffed it into his mouth ;v; and omg joonmyun was eyeing that patbingsoo like it was heaven lol 

i cry every time i look at this gifset. the whole video ;v;

chanyeol stuffing a bunch of peppero into suho’s mouth .__.

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